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Endless Blaze. A Mirage of Blaze wikipedia set up to consolidate all of my translations and to provide more information on the intricate terminology and concepts that are present in the novels.

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Aaron Kwok. An entertainer from Hong Kong who rose to superstardom in the early 90s to become one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" in Chinese entertainment. He has garnered awards for his music, films and dance skills.
Gungrave. An exciting anime series based on the video game of the same name. Gungrave brilliantly explores the themes of friendship, love and loyalty as perfectly embodied by the bond of the two central characters.
Horatio Hornblower. An excellent miniseries adapted from the novels by C.S. Forester, starring Ioan Gruffudd in the title role, about the rise of a young man to become one of the most formidable commanders of the high seas.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Based on a series of novels, this OVA series is stunning in its handling of political ideas, human drama and characterizations. The sheer scope of the story is no less than epic.
Seki Toshihiko. A veteran seiyuu who is one of the most versatile voice actors in the industry. Some of his famous roles include Gundam Wing's Duo Maxwell, Naruto's Umino Iruka and Trigun's Legato Bluesummers.
Todd Eldredge. An American figure skater who is a 6-time US Champion, World Champion and Olympian. His skating can be best defined by his beautiful technique, speed and stunning backscratchspins.

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