Chigo fuchi

Chigo-fuchi (稚兒淵 / 稚儿渊)
Also known as Chigo-ga-fuchi. This is a pool in Fujisawa that is one of the best sights in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

The name is derived from a legend which tells of a priest, Jikyu, chief of the sub-temple Kotokuan, who fell in love with Shiragiku, a boy servant (known as chigo) at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine. Beautiful chigo were often kept by pederasts. Surprisingly, the priest practiced pederasty and tried to coerce Shiragiku into a sexual relationship. The boy fled to Enoshima and committed suicide by drowning himself in the water, hence the name Chigo-ga-fuchi (fuchi meaning 'deep pool'). The priest immediately followed suit and took his own life as well.



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