Hojo Ujiyasu

Hojo Ujiyasu 北条氏康
Ujiyasu is considered to be the greatest of the Hojo daimyo. During Ujiyasu rule, the Hojo was gradually assumed a defensive position due to the conflict on all of its borders.

The greatest of his opponents was Uesugi Kenshin but although they fought many times, their battles were never decisive. The Hojo also had a volatile relationship with Takeda Shingen, alternating between peace and full-scale war.

In 1560, Ujiyasu passed leadership of the clan to his eldest son Hojo Ujimasa but he continued to provide guidance until his death.

In Mirage of Blaze, Ujiyasu has taken the form of a dragon and continues to watch over his youngest son Uesugi Kagetora with hopes that he will return to the Hojo clan. He is aided by the loyal Fuuma Kotarou.



Endless Blaze



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