Ikkoushuu (一向宗)
The Ikko-shu (一向宗, ikkoushuu) is often mistakenly viewed as a small, militant, offshoot from Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. However this is not completely accurate.

Originally the Ikko-shu was a small antinomian sect founded by Ikko Shunjo (a disciple of Ryochu of the Chinzei branch of Jodo-shu Buddhism) and similar to Ippen's Ji-shu. However when the religious and military-political esthablishment began to crack down on the Amida-pietist movement little distinction was made between the various factions. Also further contributing to the confusion was the fact that Ikko-shu followers seem to have defected to the more powerful Jodo Shin-shu for reasons of self-preservation.



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