Kakizaki Haruie

Kakizaki Haruie 柿崎晴家
One of the five members of the Yashashuu in the Uesugi Mekai army.

Original Life

He was the son of Kakizaki Kageie, a retainer of Uesugi Kenshin.

With the peace treaty between the Hojo and Uesugi in 1570, Haruie was sent as a hostage to Odawara castle, while the Hojo sent Saburou to Kenshin. He only returned to Echigo in 1575.

In 1575, his father was suspected of conspiring with Oda Nobunaga and executed by Kenshin. The circumstances surrounding Kakizaki Haruie's death is unknown. He could have committed suicide when his father was put to death for treason or murdered by Kagekatsu's men as Haruie supported Kagetora in the Battle of Otate.

200 years ago

Haruie possessed the body of a woman known as Tsuta. During that time she fell in love with a doctor, Shintarou, however their love ended prematurely with his death. Thereafter, she continues to possess female bodies in hope that she will one day meet the reincarnation of Shintarou.

Current Possession

Haruie now possesses the body of Kadowaki Ayako.

See also Kadowaki Ayako

First appearance: Volume 2



Endless Blaze



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