Kuwabara Mizuna

BirthdaySeptember 23rd
BirthplaceChiba prefecture
Current residenceTokyo
EducationHistory graduate from the Department of Literature, Chuo University

Her story 風駆ける日 (The Day the Wind Gallops) won the Junior Cobalt Readers grand prize.


Novel series

  • Mirage of Blaze 炎の蜃気楼
  • Mirage of Blaze Prequels 炎の蜃気楼邂 逅編 +
  • Elements that Bind Demonic Tradition 風雲縛魔伝
  • Divine Red 赤の神紋
  • Schwartz Heart シュバルツ・ヘルツ +
  • Ilegenes イルゲネス

+ ongoing


  • Another Love Song (a masterpiece collection that won the readers grand prize)
  • Mirage of Blaze Traveler's Journal - Travels Essay Collection


  • Wired wings story
  • Screenplay for Mirage of Blaze Drama CD 3
  • Screenplay for Mirage of Blaze Drama CD 4
  • Screenplay for Divine Red Drama CD 1 - Divine Red
  • Screenplay for Divine Red Drama CD 2 - Verve Black
  • Screenplay for Divine Red Drama CD 3 - Jealous Yellow


Favorite trainsthe 'O' system Shinkansen, the Yamagata extra-high-speed Touhoku-line Shinkansen, Kyushu extra-high-speed Touhoku-line Shinkansen ☺
Favorite animalsShirahama's panda, Nara deer, Casey (neighbor Kitty's rabbit)
Favorite statuesGyuuba-douji of Kumanokodou, eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy of Seirinji
Favorite mountainsYufudake, Yonezuka of Aso, Shouwashinzan, cone-shaped mountains of Kagawa prefecture
Recently tastedYamagata's local cuisine - Hiyashiru
Recently acquiredAinu woodcarving accessory from Lake Akanko
Recently fortifiedArea around desk as a measure against earthquakes
Latest recommendationSaitobaru Archaeological Museum
Word processor used for workIchitaro Lite 2

nb. Shinkansen - Japanese bullet trains

Information translated from Kuwabara Mizuna's official site outlink.

Endless Blaze



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