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Official sites

Kuwabara Mizuna outlink (jp)

Cobalt Shueisha outlink (jp)

Aniplex outlink (jp)

Tokyo MX outlink (jp)

Mirage of Blaze wine outlink (jp)

Fan sites

Mirage fan outlink (jp) - A large Japanese directory of Mirage-related fansites

Asphodels Haven outlink - Excellent resource on Mirage of Blaze with translations of the novels, side stories, manga and doujinshi.

Honoo no Mirage World Guide outlink - Another informative site with summaries of the first five volumes of the novels and other details.

Mirage of Blaze outlink - A Russian site with comprehensive information and galleries on the novels.

Obedience outlink - Fansite with information on the anime, images and various media.


Mirage of Blaze Translations outlink - A growing compilation of all available Mirage of Blaze translations and summaries of the novels, drama CDs and doujinshi.

Mirage of Blaze on Livejournal outlink - Livejournal community for general Mirage of Blaze discussion

Mirage of Blaze Yahoo Group outlink - Yahoo! Group for general Mirage of Blaze discussion

Endless Blaze



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