Satomi Yoshitaka

Satomi Yoshitaka 里見義堯
Yoshitaka was the eldest son of Satomi Sanetaka. When his father was suddenly attacked and forced to commit suicide by Yoshitoyo, he immediately began to plan revenge. He gathered loyal retainers and requested the assistance of the Hojo in the Sagami Province.

In 1534, Yoshitaka's forces attacked Inamura Castle and forced Yoshitoyo to commit suicide. Relations between Yoshitaka and the Hôjô soon broke down. He allied himself with Ashikaga Yoshiaki (of the koga-kubo Ashikaga line) but they were defeated four years later at Konodai Castle by Hojo Ujitsuna.

Yoshitaka managed to foil an attempt by Hojo Ujitsuna to take Awa in 1540. He took advantage of a civil war in the Takeda clan to strengthen his positon on the Bousou Peninsula and took Shiizu Castle in January 1553, forcing Takeda Nobumasa to kill himself.

In 1560 his domain was attacked by the Hojo and he called for the support of Uesugi Kenshin, who responded by attacking the Kanto region. Yoshitaka died on January 6th, 1574.

In Mirage of Blaze, Yoshitaka has possessed the body of Tatsumi Yoshitsugu and is still fighting to regain full control of the Bousou Peninsula.

First appearance: Volume 13



Endless Blaze



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