The Book Of Days

Lyrics: 日々安里 
Composition: 原田真二
Vocals: Kathy Shower

The air here tastes like poison
The wall is cracking at the seams
Will no one lay the laurel wreath
Burned for you
Light the flags for you
Sleep comes here
Like a dream
Dust a shallow gray will fall on you

☆ Play hide and seek
With ghosts of moon
Take me to wheel
I fear of my life
Down through grave yards
Cloud of dust to
Somewhere over
Skyline, take my soul

All my words carried away
And a rose for your celebrate
Vanity in vain framed the faces I applaud
Like apples
You stole in your youth
Fate of all
Mankind I see
Is in the hands of the wise & fools

★ It gets dark get
Much darker now
No faith to praise
Should God forget me
Silence drown screams
Seeds of time sowed
To a grey hope
Starless, Bible black

Days never come to shine
A light on damage done
Nothing, there's nothing owed
Owed you and me
In this world

Repeat ☆ ★



Endless Blaze



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