Volume 20

Title: Embrace the Cross to Sleep

Chapter 1 君が暮らす街へThe Town Where You Lived
Chapter 2 霧の檻 白き魔物Cage of Mist, the White Apparition
Chapter 3 真夜中の鳥たちMidnight BirdsTranslation outlink
Chapter 4 毒と紅玉Poison and RubyTranslation outlink
Chapter 5 翼は闇にうずくまるTo Cower in the Wings of DarknessTranslation outlink
Chapter 6 聖痕StigmaTranslation outlink
Chapter 7 十五万の夜の果てThe End of 150,000 NightsTranslation outlink
Chapter 8 星は眠るSleeping StarTranslation outlink


直江信綱・橘義明Naoe NobutsunaTachibana Yoshiaki
上杉景虎・仰木高耶Uesugi KagetoraOugi Takaya
鮎川盛長Ayukawa Morinaga
北原まどかKitahara Madoka
仰木美弥Ougi Miya

Endless Blaze



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